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Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol (plus a few extras)

Rubbing Alcohol, found on you’re the shelf of your local grocery story or pharmacy, can be purchased for $2-$6 per bottle and used for more tips than we have time to discuss in one blog.

Here we go….

Tip #1: Defrost your windows! Old man winter is here, do your windows frost up? Wash them with a solution of ½ cup rubbing alcohol to 1-quart (1 liter) water to PREVENT frost. Polish the windows with newspaper to make them shine after you apply the solution to make them shine.

Tip #2: Dissolve windshield frost. Don’t spend your time scraping frost off your windshield. Instead, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray the windshield. It wipes the frost right off and it won’t refreeze.

Tip # 3: Put an end to RING AROUND THE COLLAR. Prevent collar stains on your shirts by wiping rubbing alcohol on your collar in the morning before you dress.

Tip # 4: Permanent markers stains. Your child decided to draw the family portrait….in permanent marker… on your kitchen counter. No worries, most countertops are made out of plastic laminate or marble. Rubbing alcohol dissolves the ink back to liquid and it wipes right off.

Tip #5: Make your own disinfectant. With winter comes the cold and flu season. Mix one-part rubbing alcohol to one-part water and pour into a spray bottle for disinfectant. Use to clean any area with germs or clean spray on a cotton pad to clean personal items, such as your earrings or the kid's toys.

Tip # 6: Clean Sinks and Chrome. If a shiny sink gets you excited, you are going to love this. Clean out your stainless steel or porcelain sink and spray it with rubbing alcohol. This not only cleans and disinfects it, but it also shines it as well. To shine use a dry cloth to buff the sink and it is safe on both chrome and brass so use it to shine the chrome or polish the brass fixtures.

Be sure to check back for more Cleaning Tips Part on our website. And, remember to call Laura, (402) 578-6515 at It is What It is Cleaning for all of your home and office cleaning needs.

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